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New Look!          New Schools!    New Projects!   New Songs!      New Logo!

New Look – Everyday Magic,  A London based charity

We have a board of fantastic trustees, including as chair, a head teacher whose school has bought into Everyday Magic for the last ten years, an educational advisor and two very experienced and dedicated teachers. All are dedicated to supporting Everyday Magic in their mission to introduce fresh resources and ‘magic’ into schools  hard pressed by the demands of the national curriculum, and a culture of ‘testing’. Our priority remains introducing the teachers, teaching assistants and children to a treasure trove of traditional and literary stories  and songs from around the world and giving the children in London state primary schools the opportunities to explore and develop skills in performance and visual arts, growing their confidence, self-expression and enjoyment in using and extending their language.

Many thanks to Carmela Docherty for our lovely new logo!