Music and Stories for Streaming & Downloading and on CD

The Ugly Duckling

A charming and thoughtful adaptation of the well-loved story by Hans Christian Andersen, with original songs and music.

As told by Anne Johnson

Heard On The Wind

Six original songs on themes of woods and trees, earth, sea and sky embedding the scents and colours of autumn

Shukalaka Shake – Songs For Children

Anne Johnson, Kate Corkery and Michele Chowrimootoo have  had a collection of their songs published by A & C Black (the children’s division of Macmillan Publisher’s Ltd). “SHUKALAKA SHAKE” –  containing 22 original songs and beautifully presented in a ring bound songbook. As well as lyrics and notes on how to use the songs imaginatively, it also comes with a CD to sing along – with lead vocals by Nella Novy-Johnson. These songs have been tried and tested with thousands of children from nought to ten! Order a copy from our publishers Harper Collins or from  Waterstone’s, Amazon

Our original recordings of Shukalaka Shake are available for streaming at

Do listen to our original songs also available for streaming, written especially for the “We Are Londoners” project and “Forest Songs” – a collection of songs on our theme for nature on our YouTube channel. We also have songs available for download at Everyday Magic’s bandcamp page

“As both a mother and a primary school teacher I think Shukalaka Shake is fantastic. My son loves dancing and shaking his maraca along to the songs! This is a great resource for schools and nurseries; it is easy to use for any adults working with young children, with or without musical expertise. The children love the songs and it is so nice to have such a variety of great music covering a broad range of themes relating to the children’s everyday lives.” Christina Venner

 “the singing was perfect, all the kids loved it and the parents too as it kept the kids entertained. They found the sounds catchy and so did I.”         Ciara Morrin

“I am so impressed with your Shukalaka Shake CD and book. Flippin brilliant! Tess was a bit cross and I put it on and she calmed down and has been smiling and laughing since. At 10 weeks she’s a bit young for it really but she really does seem to like it, and so do I! I bought the book for 2 friends with babies for Christmas and they also love it – a 1 and a 5 year old and the 5 year old sings along, when they came over they were singing ‘skin is such a wonderful thing’ – what a lovely thing for a 5 year old to be singing! …I can’t say enough how fantastic it is.”       Emily Adams

“I really enjoyed this book, and my grand daughter, who is two, loves dancing to the songs, especially to ‘Skinny skinny skin’ when she’s get dressed. It will be great for teachers and play workers to use with groups. I do a lot of work singing and telling stories with small children and 1 have started using lots of the lovely songs from this book. I find that if we sing ‘Rain-o rain- o return to the sky’, it always stops raining by play time!
I thoroughly recommend this collection”     Fiona Collins


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