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 New Art Project

Everyday Magic is running a weekly session working with children between the ages of 6 and 11 years during term time and school holidays. This wonderful project has children working in clay, print and worked on a background for the Christmas performance at the Venture Playground in Kensington and Chelsea.

Talk Box

[A project to encourage confident speech and expression of the child’s thoughts]

Following a storytelling performance a small group of six 5 year old children are with the storyteller. They have all drawn pictures around a character in the story. The storyteller goes to each in turn with a finger puppet, in this case, a mouse, and asks the child about the picture they have drawn:


The child is talking to the finger puppet:


The child is five, his voice is gruff,

he speaks fast and points to the picture he is drawing.

He says to me, or rather to the small mouse finger puppet I have as a prop:

“Don’t go to that part of the picture-there’s fire.”

“Look,” he says, “I’ll draw a fence around it so you’ll be safe

and don’t go to that part, that part with a cross.”

“Why not?” I ask.

“Because the floor is broken.”

“Look – follow the directions.”

The mouse follows the safe path that the child has drawn

around the edge of his page.

“Look there” he says, “I’ve drawn you a fridge and it’s full of cheese.”

The mouse settles down in front of the grey shape that the child has coloured in with bright yellow oil pastel.




Spellbound is a project to introduce children to poets and playwrights across the centuries through the format of storytelling sessions already proven to fully engage them. ‘Spellbound’ responds to schools wanting Key stage 2 children to absorb literary craftsmanship and prepare them for taking part in outreach projects organised by the R.S.C., Globe Education and others.

It builds on the nurturing experience children have already had from storytelling programmes, songs, riddles and rhymes delivered by ‘Everyday Magic’. Through regular exposure to haunting poetry and dramatic lines, children’s language will be enriched and they may discover that writing poetry is an engrossing way to explore life on earth.