Storytelling in Schools

We have worked with many primary schools all over London – in Kensington and Chelsea  Ashburnham, Barlby, Berrymede, Colville, Marlborough, Middle Row, The Oratory, Our Lady of Victories, Oxford Gardens, Park Walk, Servite, St Thomas, Thomas Jones and St John’s. Wandsworth;  Hillbrook, Heathmere, All Saints, Westbridge. Hackney Springfield. Ealing Montpelier, John Perryn. Brent Gladstone Park and Hammersmith and Fulham Langford and Kensington Prep.

The following schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Boroughs of Ealing and Southwark currently take part in the Everyday Magic Storytelling programme -;

Lady Margaret SchoolPerivale Primary School, St Mary’s R.C. Primary School, Dormers Wells, Gifford Primary, Durdan’s Park, Invicta Primary, St John’s and St James The Great

Feedback from the schools

Since the sessions from the storytellers began, we have noticed that they have been very helpful in encouraging the children to share and discuss elements of their own lives. The songs have really helped to develop their ability to communicate freely with friends, teachers and other adults in the classroom.

The children in all the year groups involved have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, they look forward to the storytellers coming in and are using the songs at other times during the week. The response from the boys in the classes has been excellent and they have particularly enjoyed having a male storyteller. The enthusiasm for reading and singing has improved as a result. The option of having the two storytellers has meant that we have been able to inspire both our male and female students and reach more children across different Year groups.

This term the school is developing the ‘Mind Up’ curriculum and the storytelling has been an excellent addition to what we are able to provide for our children. The songs and stories have been excellent in helping children to relax, feel safe and fully immerse themselves in relaxing and stimulating experience. Some of the teachers have stated that the songs are a good way of calming the children down after break times and they help the children to refocus on learning.

Some of our more able learners have taken inspiration from the storytellers, and they are using the book corners within the classroom and the outdoor areas to make up their own stories and songs to tell their friends. There has been an increased level of enthusiasm for singing songs and reading and telling stories as a result of the project. 

The benefits of the program to the children is immeasurable, many have had a difficult time during lookdown and the storytellers have provided them with a fun, supportive and rewarding way to get back into books, stories and songs. All at Dormers Wells Junior and Infant school have enjoyed the sessions and appreciate the time and effort the excellent storytellers put into providing these rich experiences.Peter Simpson – Assistant Head / EYFS Phase Leader Dormers Wells Infant and Junior School

“We thank you for organising and delivering the Everyday Magic for the children. I love sitting in on some of the sessions. I find it fascinating to watch the children, as they move from being engaged to being enthralled by the songs and storytelling. You take them with you to a time and a place, it is mesmerising. There have been times when I’ve been transported with you and lost all sense of present time. Such a wonderful skill you and Sef have”              Paula Evans – Acting Head of Park Walk, K & C

“Everyday Magic inspire children to demonstrate vocabulary that they wouldn’t otherwise have opportunity to. Those children who may be hesitant to show their learning when faced with a written text are drawn in by the song and feel comfortable. The sessions are wonderful for growing confidence for learners of all abilities. The overarching curriculum topic of ‘Local Area’ was comprehensively enriched by the storytelling and song histories shred with Everyday Magic. As a class teacher, I have been encouraged to further interweave storytelling into as many subjects as possible”                     Patrick Alton – Year 3 Teacher, Oratory Primary, K & C

“There are specific children in the class who have surprised us by their enjoyment and involvement with the storytelling and music. All children are enthusiastic and engaged throughout the session. In particular, children who are usually reluctant to participate in class activities are keen to be involved and join in with these sessions.

We have noticed that children are singing the rhymes ands songs they hear in the sessions with the storyteller and then are eager to practise these songs during the week including playtime. Children refer to the stories they are learning about and link it to their personal experiences. Children have also been keen to use the new vocabulary  they have heard the storytellers use in their own writing. We have found that these sessions have increased the children’s confidence to speak aloud and take part in role play activities. The storytellers allow the children to interact with the instruments and become part of the the story. The children have been shown how to use the instruments correctly and how to use them for effect.

As a year group we are impressed that Everyday Magic take the time and effort to link their sessions to our core text and topic themes. The children in our classes really look forward to the sessions and have enjoyed building rapport with their storytellers (Anne, TUUP and Hugo)”                        Sian O’Brien – Year 1 Class Teacher, Lady Margaret, Ealing

“I have been pleasantly surprised with the participation of EAL and SEN children in the class. Children who are usually reluctant to join in at carpet time are more willing to join in with songs and actions. They enjoy mimicking animal noises, acting out characters from the story, and singing along with Anne and Hugo. The use of instruments grabs the children’s attention. 

Children like to play ‘teacher’ and often sing the songs and rhymes during their play. On days when Anne and Hugo are not visiting, children in Pear class have asked to sing some of the rhymes before starting story time. This have become part of our story times schedule. Pear class enjoys acting and dressing up, and we will often set up props/costumes relating to the story for children to play with afterwards. It is amazing how well the remember the stories and songs! Pear Class is beginning to learn the parts of a story (characters, setting, problem, resolution) and using sequencing sheets to write simple sentences. We are able to use stories taught by Everyday Magic as examples since the children are interested in them and they have topical words/storylines.

Pear class love singing songs and joining in with stories. They have grown quite fond of Anne and Hugo and look forward to each session. Some children are quite curious about the various instruments used. They have asked Hugo how the instruments work and enjoy learning about how instruments can be used to make different sounds.

Everyday Magic has become a favourite part of Pear class. We throughly enjoy the creativity, fun and excitement that Anne and Hugo bring each time. The lessons help the children in many areas of the curriculum including communication and language, speaking, listening, art/design and imagination”     Paula McClean – Reception Teacher, Perivale, Ealing

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